Spirit Arena - Steam - Key (GLOBAL)

Spirit Arena - Steam - Key (GLOBAL)
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As two sorcerers try to summon and tame powerful monsters from a secret realm, their experiment fails and leads waves of demons into our world. Strengthening their will, they decide to face this great threat and defeat the calamities that are now running free!GameplaySpirit Arena is a local two-player game. Each character can fire either physical spells (red) or spiritual spells (blue) that will only collide with matching enemy. Clean waves, collect items, and increase your power to defeat the boss of all four areas.Outsmart your ennemies!Swap colors at the right time to adapt to the monstersFeaturesFour worlds with four difficulty levels each100+ items2-player local co-op9 playable charactersShort gaming sessions (10-20 minutes)Lots of achievements!No microtransactions!
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age: ESRB Everyone
platform: Steam
priceplus: 1249.11
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