Spintires - China Adventure (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Spintires - China Adventure (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Surrounded by quaint rural villages, Spintires: China Adventure DLC takes you on a journey through the dense, muddy forests of Wusu Foshan National Park and over the steep, dangerous mountain ranges of the Dushanzi Grand Canyon. China Adventure DLC is Spintires’ largest and most daring DLC to date.Key FeaturesTwo new maps; “China Village” and “China Canyons”The B-CA30, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese truck with excellent cross-country capabilitiesThe C-EQ2081, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese cargo truck, with its powerful diesel engineThe B-CA10, light weight but capable 4X2 Chinese truck, perfectly suited for the narrow pathways in the “China Villages”New load types specifically tailored to the DLC - rice cargo and industrial steel pipe cargo.Seven new challenging achievements.
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platform: Steam
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