South Park: The Stick of Truth Steam Gift GLOBAL

South Park: The Stick of Truth Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Become the new kid on the block in South Park: the Stick of Truth, a video game born out of the cooperation of veteran game developer Obsidian and twisted minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Truly a match-up made in heaven, the creators of South Park lend their talents and give their blessing to one of the most experienced role-playing game developer teams in the industry.Join the fantastical struggle between the Humans and the Elves in a town-wide LARPing madness. Pick your class, strap on some gadgets and fart your way towards victory to become the coolest kid in town. Or fail utterly and stay lame. The choice is yours, and Facebook will be there to measure your progress.Uncover the bizarre secrets only a South Park kids’ minds could have come up with. Aliens, Al Gore and worst of all, Canadians all waiting for you to uncover their plans.
platform: Steam
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