Snailiens VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Snailiens VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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Snailiens have traveled from across the universe in search of a scrumptious snack. Who could have known it would be Earth's succulent cabbages? They'll stop at nothing to get their mucus covered tentacles on our little green treasures!Snailiens is a high energy, tower defense shooter built from the ground up for VR. It combines the intensity of a shooter with a more tactical approach in tower placement and upgrades. A powerful weapon and tower elemental system offers nearly limitless ways to play! Get the Snailiens wet and then zap them or cover them in flammable goo then blow them up! You choose how you want to fight off the tentacled invaders.Key features:Play how you want with an arsenal of crazy weapons and towers. Think tactically by building walls and placing towers to force Snailiens down your gauntlets of death.An advanced elemental system adds complexity and depth to your strategy. Enjoy a wacky story of aliens and their hunger for our cabbage. It’s a heartwarming tale of aliens just searching for somewhere to call home.Devise strategies to handle many types of Snailiens armed with different abilities!
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