Smart Safe S10 Black

Smart Safe S10 Black
sku: T7400111
Shipping from: United States
Stay Protected with Tamper Alerts*: Know instantly if someone is trying to break into Smart Safe S10 with open and tamper alerts*. Then give yourself power to control your Smart Safe from anywhere with Wi-Fi and protect your firearms and other valuables.
Instant Advanced Biometrics: Get inside your Smart Safe in 0.5 seconds with instant biometrics analyzing your fingerprint—protecting you and your family with secure access. It's just one of 4 ways to access Smart Safe S10. You also have app control, your PIN, or your backup keys.
Built to Last: Smart Safe is constructed with solid steel meant to withstand blunt force. And charging the battery is not a concern with a battery life of 6 months.
Big Volume, Compact Size: Enjoy ample interior space that gives you enough storage for personal valuables or important documents. It's also small enough to fit in your car's glove compartment.
Scan for Emergency Response: When you need it most, easily find your Smart Safe at night with LED illumination and scan your fingerprint to send emergency responders to your home.
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