Slip® The Medusa Gift Set

Slip® The Medusa Gift Set
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Silk pillowcase and scrunchie set Pure White silk pillowcase and scrunchie gift set (Worth £104) Pure mulberry silk doesn't tug on hair or skin Reduces frizz and hair kinks Enjoy a longer-lasting blowdry Silk doesn't absorb skincare products Use nightly for fewer sleep lines and smoother hair Level up your beauty routine with the Slip® The Medusa Gift Set. Including the brand's multi-award-winning queen pillowcase, plus a skinny and large scrunchie, these pure silk accessories won't leave kinks in your hair or sleep lines on your face. Why? Because the brand's Slipsilk® creates less friction and is super-smooth too. No more bad hair days, just silky soft locks that are free from frizz, tangles and tears. And silk doesn't absorb your skincare products either, so your expensive, hard-working serums will actually sink into your skin as you sleep – rather than transferri
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