Skullgirls: Season 1 Pass (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Skullgirls: Season 1 Pass (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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The first ever Skullgirls Season Pass! Discover 4 brand new characters (including stages, palettes, and Story Mode), the Skullgirls Soundtrack, and Digital Art Compendium all bundled together at a discounted price!The Season 1 Pass includes:DLC: Annie of the Stars (Early Access available NOW, expected Final Release May 2021)DLC: TBA Character 2 (scheduled for late 2021)DLC: TBA Character 3 (scheduled for 2022)DLC: TBA Character 4 (scheduled for 2022)Season Pass Exclusive Palette Pack (May 2021)DLC: Skullgirls Original Soundtrack (including Annie's new track)DLC: Skullgirls Digital Art Compendium (updated)
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