SimCity Standard Edition (ENGLISH ONLY) Origin Key GLOBAL

SimCity Standard Edition (ENGLISH ONLY) Origin Key GLOBAL
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SimCity is a MMO city-building and urban planning simulation game, developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game is the sixth major installment in the SimCity series and first in 10 years since the release of SimCity 4. The game features include building a city, providing resources for the citizen and dealing with disasters that might occur. SimCity includes a multiplayer mode, with in-game regions hosting cities from different players. Run your city the way you like itThe core the gameplay of SimCity revolves around creating and running a metropolis. The city player builds will be divided into three zones (residential, commercial and industrial). The density of the zones depends on the type of road running near it and the traffic on the road. Each sim inhabiting the city has its own personality and traits, as well as jobs. The actions of individual sims can cause ripple effects, leading to unexpected results, e.g. a traffic jam from poorly parked moving van or arson committed by a criminally inclined sim. A new feature in the game are non-renewable resources, which will force the player into careful consideration of their expansion. Another new feature is multiplayer, where the regions of the in-game world can host several cities from different players. Players can cooperate by exchanging resources and other goods.Disaster incomingOne of the key features of SimCity series are the disasters. These catastrophes can be triggered by the player and hinder the functioning of the city or ruin it completely. Disasters in SimCity include a meteor strike, which can destroy select buildings and set the neighboring ones on fire, an earthquake with violent aftershocks, capable of razing buildings and killing numbers of sims and UFO appearance, which can end in sim abduction and a few destroyed buildings. There are more catastrophes the player can unleash upon their cities and its citizen and discovering their effects can provide a lot of sadistic fun.Key featuresBuild your on city and run it as you see fitCreate roads and erect buildings in three types of zonesPopulate the city and maintain the happiness of your citizenBring forth disasters and deal with their repercussionsPlay in multiplayer mode, exchanging resources and goods with other players
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