Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall DLC Steam Key EUROPE

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall DLC Steam Key EUROPE
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The most important aspect of the Civilization series are, obviously, civilizations. The DLC provides you with an entirely new and interesting civilizations at your disposal. You will be able to control Korea, The Netherlands, Cree, Dutch, Georgian civilization, Mapuche, Mongolia and Scottish civilization. Each one of them has different traits, strengths, weaknesses and story. New leaders are also waiting for you. Have you ever dreamed of conquering Asia and Europe as Genghis Khan? Now you can. Build your own Mongolian cavalry and blaze through Europe.The loyalty systemCities now have the individual Loyalty systems which are some of the most important elements of your leadership – let it fall too low and face the consequences of low yields, revolts and the potential to lose your city to another civilization, or its own independence. The loss of one civilization might be a gain for yours. Cities might seek aid within your borders. In other words, you might take the city without a battle. Just make people believe that you are a hero and they will happily open their door for you. Dominance and victory during the conflict are not gained on battlefields but through politics. Remember about that if you want to become a prominent leader.Governors are here to helphe system of governors appeared already in previous installments of the series. However, new governors are a real evolution of your civilization. Sending a Governor to a city is a way for you to make an active decision about the development. You don't have to constantly monitor each settlement. Besides, it would be next to impossible in big civilizations, where you control a few dozens of cities. Governors are a way to specialize your cities. They have different tree skills and set of priorities. There are seven of them, each with different personalities. Appoint them to the target place and in return, they're going to turn your city into a flawless pearl.Great ages provide you with a new set of challenges and bonusesSid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall gives you milestone "historic moments" which you achieve as your civilization starts to shine and flourish. Dark Ages, Golden Age, and Heroic Age are waiting for you. Rise from the ashes during Dark Ages, develop your economy during the Golden Age and become an empire in the period of Heroic Age. Use them to your own advantage or try to survive their challenges.
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productid: 784057
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