Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
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Amanitore leads Nubia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI! Nubia’s ranged units are strong, easy to build and quick promote, and they can use their unique Nubian Pyramid improvement to boost the construction and yield of districts. If you want to build a strong foundation early in the game for success, then Nubia is the right civ for you. Civ Unique Ability: Nubia gets bonus production towards Ranged units, and all Ranged units gain combat experience faster. Mines provide extra production over strategic resources, and extra gold over luxury resources.Leader Unique Ability: Amanitore gives Nubia bonus production towards building Districts, which can be boosted further if there is a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center.Unique Unit: The Pitati Archer replaces the Ancient Era Archer. It is stronger and faster than the ancient Archer and upgrades to Crossbowman.Unique Infrastructure: The Nubian Pyramid can be built on Desert, Desert Hills, or Floodplains, and provides Faith, as well as additional yields based on the adjacent District, or Food for the City Center.Choose Nubia or Egypt as you compete against the other civ to be the first to complete 7 Temples to Amun in this scenario set along the banks of the great Nile River.Includes unique rules and gameplay, and the Nile River is navigable by Naval units.125 Turn limit.This Wonder provides extra Faith to all nearby Cities, and must be built on Desert Hills.
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