Sid Meier's Civilization V Steam Key RU/CIS

Sid Meier's Civilization V Steam Key RU/CIS
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Sid Meier's Civilization V is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Firaxis Games and released by 2K Games in 2010 for PC. Enjoy the fifth installment in the legendary series, where players establish their prosperous nation to lead it through hundreds of years of cultural, economic, and religious development. The title guarantees achievements and trading cards on Steam. And you can enjoy it in fierce solo or multiplayer gameplay! It also introduces many impressive improvements and DLCs, in which you will find previously unavailable civilizations, maps, and scenarios.StorySince the glorious dawn of time, humanity has had one goal - continuous development. Civilizations on various continents mingle and unite to achieve more than others before them. Rise as the mighty ruler of one of the nations, and see your decisions change the fate of the world! It's time to quit proven methods and take matters into your own hands, introducing new technologies and development paths.GameplaySid Meier's Civilization V is a highly replayable video game, recognized by experienced gamers and attracting an increasing number of new fans. Its simple rules and clear interface are the perfect recipes for success, making it a fantastic recommendation for players of all ages. Become the most charismatic leader and achieve victory! In CIV 5, your mission is to choose any playable civilization and direct its development. All its aspects are vital: politics, trade, culture, buildings, religion, economy, technology, and the Wonders. The more you achieve ahead of others, the better your chances of winning. There is also combat with which you will define conflicts with your neighbors or eliminate them from the game. Access to the best weapons and military units means epic results in a war.Civilization 5 introduces a hexagonal world map. From now, there can only be one unit on one field, and the terrain layout significantly affects the battle outcome. By exploring the misty map, the player searches hidden areas, uncovering new locations, city-states, foreign units, or resources. Each discovery can be crucial for the rest of the game and its ultimate success! When exploring the map, it is worth choosing the best terrains and taking over selected places as soon as possible. The proximity to mountains, sea, or forest may be beneficial.If you are not a combat fan, Civ V should meet your expectations. An extensive diplomacy and culture system supports a peaceful gameplay mode and development focused on other aspects of the nation's development, like research. It all depends on your knack for politics! In the gameplay, you will also discover completely new free cities that support neither side, enriching the entire map with their presence. They play the role of political NPCs, adding variety to the gameplay. But the best part of diplomacy is the better AI making interactive leaders' presence immersive like never before!Sid Meiers Civilization V introduces two massive expansions and many scenarios or new culture packs. Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings is an exciting expansion pack focused on religion, introducing new units, strategies, and diplomacy. Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World adds nine different civilizations, two scenarios, and entirely new methods of country development. And if you dream of a single extra nation or story, check out Cradles of Civilization or Scenario Packs to enjoy unique gameplay methods and country perks.Although this video game means long hours of great fun in a solo game, the multiplayer mode is also worth trying. You can enjoy fierce competition in the company of seven other players who will also play as the leaders of selected civilizations. It is up to you how the fate of the whole world will turn out! And it is even more fun, as you can throw your friends into the abyss of historical oblivion.Key features:Play the fifth installment in the legendary series of strategy games from FiraxisChoose a civilization and guide its development through the agesExplore the hexagonal map, discover new areas and conquer locationsBuild cities to achieve technological, cultural, religious, and political achievementsWin in one of the many creative ways and outrun your opponentsPlay solo or in multiplayer with up to eight players
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