Shiver Steam Key GLOBAL

Shiver Steam Key GLOBAL
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Shiver is a beautiful and chilling point-and-click horror adventure from Kowai Sugoi Studios. As you explore the recently closed Windy Oaks National Park, you must rely on your wits and bravery to conquer challenges and search for rescue. Spanning the course of one captivating hour, you will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the park and escape with your body intact.In the early 1990's, in a time before mobile phones and the Internet, you find yourself travelling to visit your aging father in a remote retirement home. On the way, you find yourself stranded in the strangely abandoned Windy Oaks National Park: a new park founded on land donated by the Samstone Mining Company as an act of goodwill after a catastrophic sinkhole accident. Using your wits and tenacity, you must figure out a way to contact help and escape, before the park consumes you. Atmospheric point-and-click puzzle-horror gameArt constructed through a combination of painting and photographySpine-tingling experience, lasting 30 minutes to an hourSpiritual successor to popular indie game Cozy
platform: Steam
priceplus: 1257.79
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