Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Xbox Live Key GLOBAL

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Xbox Live Key GLOBAL
Xbox Live
sku: 11492479
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Shiness is an Action-RPG developed by indie development studio Enigami, which will let you travel in a captivating universe doomed to destruction ever since the fragmentation of the planet Mahera...Key featuresTravel through an enthralling and interactive world as Chado and his 4 companions, and develop your charactersHyper-dynamic combat mixing magic with combos, parries, and blocks like a traditional arena fighterDevelop 2 types of skills (physical attacks and magic) and unlock new talents and spells Explore and interact with a vast world made of multiple environments thanks to you and your companions’ special powers and skillsNumerous quests and side-quests will give you the opportunity to develop your characters and their reputation
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platform: Xbox Live
priceplus: 898.69

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