ShellBlast: Legacy Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

ShellBlast: Legacy Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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Described as a cross between Minesweeper and Picross, ShellBlast is an action packed puzzler where you travel the globe to defuse bombs before they explode.Game Features IncludeClassic Mode- Play the fifty-level campaign as you tour the world defusing bombs. From prank bombs to nuclear superweapons, this mode will give you the grand tour of what ShellBlast is all about.Simulation Chamber- Choose from eighteen empty bomb shells and fill it to your specifications. Want a massive Biological bomb with a short timer? Or a small Oxidation bomb with plenty of extra helper tools like Chaff Grenades? Go for it!Blast Editor- Build your own bomb from scratch using the editor or play custom levels built by others. Create the ultimate superweapon!Endurance Mode- Take on this massive bomb one layer at a time. How many quadrants can you unlock?Shell-Drop- A unique randomly generated bomb mode that puts you to the ultimate test. Can you beat the top ranking bomb solvers? Puzzled- Take on the bomb from another angle…this time, using preset grids and an unlimited timer. Only true masterminds can solve the harder challenges…Nuke- Team up with another agent working on the field to tackle one of the hardest bombs in the game!
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