Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine Steam Key GLOBAL

Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine Steam Key GLOBAL
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Dig your own path in this quirky strategy platformer. You ​play as​ Digsby, a miner with poor luck ​thrown to the depths of the earth in his first day on the job. Tasked ​by a floating head with the collection of ancient artifacts, Digsby must deploy a range of cunning traps to ​defeat monsters and break through the blocks. Will you survive the deep? It's dark underground, and every block presents a choice: to dig, or not to dig? You have the freedom to choose the path, and suffer the consequences! Key featuresUnique trap-based combat: Use dynamite, landmines, spikes and more to avoid becoming a monster's breakfast. Face to face combat is ​rarely​ the answer. Destructible environment: Besides normal dirt and stone, break special blocks to squish, blast and roast your enemies - or yourself! Treasure & upgrades: Collect all the loot in the levels to unlock new upgrades. You'll jump higher, drill faster, bomb... harder? 10+ hours of gameplay: Unless you're really fast. In that case, you may finish it in nine.
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