Search Party: Director's Cut (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Search Party: Director's Cut (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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SEARCH PARTY is a survival horror game inspired by the cat/mouse gameplay of Clock Tower, and the resource management of classic Resident Evil.Claire's 8-year-old brother, Daniel, is missing. While looking for him during a search party, she finds herself completely lost and alone in the woods. She eventually spots a strange house in the distance... could Daniel be inside?Search for tools and weapons to defend yourself as you sink deeper into a hopeless nightmare of despair.Move carefully through the house. He's hiding and waiting for you.Enjoy beautiful SNES style graphics that extend beyond the limitations of the 90sPrepare to be shocked and sicken by this morbid true crime slasher tale.What's New in the Director's Cut?2 new (secret) endings. A total of 5 endings to discover.A new area to explore, which expands on an existing ending for the original game.Unlockable costumes and items, for post-game completionists.Some re-done art assets, and additional environmental detail / interaction.Lots of other tiny tweaks and additions that make this a more complete version over the original.Even if you've already played the original, there's still plenty of reasons to rejoin the SEARCH PARTY!
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