Sea of Thieves: Black Dog Pack - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Sea of Thieves: Black Dog Pack - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL
Xbox Live
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Dark clothing and ship details will show other players that your crew is a one to reckon with. Sea of Thieves: Black Dog Pack Black Dog Pack is an expansion set for Sea of Thieves, an action-adventure multiplayer game, which allows the player to set sail towards the horizon as a crew member of a pirate vessel. The high seas re full of threats and the players will have to work together to face them while keeping their boat float through constant maintenance. Sea of Thieves was met with positive reception from the critics, who praised the game's hands-on mechanics of sailing a pirate vessel. The Black Dog Pack, named after the character from the classic pirate novel Treasure Island, gives the player a bunch of new customization items for their in-game character and vessel, including new ship components, vanity items, and more. About Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game that focuses on the players' cooperation in running a ship. Each player fills a different position onboard, such as the helmsman, the observer, and the deck crew. As in the real world, to reach the destination safely, the ship's crew must work like a well-oiled machine; failure of one station might jeopardize the entire vessel. During their nautical adventures, the player will encounter hostile crews and engage them in combat, using cannons, muskets, and boarding the enemy vessel. As the battle progresses, the player's ship might be damaged with cannon fire; this will require the crew to patch the holes with wood and use buckets to bail out water to stay afloat. The player can join three different factions, each offering different types of voyages. Gold Hoarders will send the player on a treasure hunt, the Order of Souls will provide combat challenges, and the Merchant Alliance will have the player delivering valuables across the map. Successful voyages reward the player with gold, which can be spent on upgrading the ship and purchasing Doubloons, with which the player can buy customization items. Wear black to intimidate your foes Black Dog Pack, as the title suggests, features raven-colored items the player can use to customize their avatar. Inspired by the character from Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel, the garments offered with the expansion include coats and hats, eyepatches and peg legs, etc. The player can also equip their character with obsidian banjo, survey the horizon with a spyglass of the same color, and check their heading with an onyx compass. The ship of nightmares The expansion also offers a variety of customization items the player can use on their vessel. These include obsidian cannons, figurehead, sails, and helm, among others. While boarding the enemy ship, the player can use new weapons such a Black Dog's Cutlass, Midnight Blunderbuss, and others. Reception Sea of Thieves was met with a mostly positive reception. Critics praised the gameplay mechanics, which utilized the cooperative multiplayer to a great effect. They noted the game was best played with friends, adding to the adventurous feeling of sailing the high seas and looting unsuspecting ships, just like real pirates do. Key features Cooperative multiplayer gameplay in an open world environment. Pirate world setting, with a variety of maritime missions to accomplish. Thrilling combat gameplay, involving the entire crew. Complex ship maintenance mechanics. Black Dog Pack adds new customization items inspired by one of the Treasure Planet's characters.
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