Scribbled Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Scribbled Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Scribbled Arena brings the retro tank battles of arcades in a hand-drawn, doodled and fast paced avatar. Tank battles have never been so fast-paced. In Scribbled Arena players will fight it out arena style with all sorts of chaotic projectiles flying through the air. Team up with upto 5 players to battle against other team, or go alone to take down 9 other players. Yes, this is 10 players online multiplayer tank battle. Each tank has its unique primary and secondary weapon attacks like missiles, EMP blasts, Mines, Machine guns, Shot guns etc, offering different attack ranges. Choose the tank that suits your strategy because every map will be unique with power-ups, destructible elements, movable barricades, portals, ditches, conveyer belts and many more to make the battle crazy.Key features:Unique art Style-Doodle art with a distinct colour palette. Variety of Tanks-Tanks fitted with its own unique arsenal allowing for gameplay styles at different ranges.Plethora of Maps-With over 20 maps players can battle foes on a variety of battlefields. Multiplayer-Play with upto 9 other players online with different team setups and game options.Match Types--Users can host a variety of matchups 2v2,3v3,5v5.
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