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Scrap Mechanic Steam Key GLOBAL
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Try out three gameplay modes: Survival, Challenge, and Creative, testing your engineering skills and imagination in a completely new way. Scrap Mechanic Scrap Mechanic is an online multiplayer sandbox survival game, developed and published by Axolot Games. The game takes the player to a planet where farming robots produce goods for the neighboring. The main character is a mechanic, tasked with maintaining the robots, who had become hostile for some reason. The player will have to use various tools and over 100 parts to build houses, vehicles, and other constructions. The reception of the Early Access version of the game was mostly positive, with reviewers praising the creative options offered by the title as well as its graphics. Build your own adventure The main focus of SM is construction. The player is given over a hundred different materials they can connect in whatever way they choose. These include blocks, which can serve as walls for buildings and vehicle chassis; mechanical parts, which include interactive elements such as connectors, engines, thrusters, triggers, etc.; and consumables, which the player can use for various purposes. Using these elements, the player can create anything, from a jet-propelled car to a rotating house, and even make set traps using sensor triggers. Modes of play Scrap Mechanic can be played in three modes; each of them can be played solo or as a team through an online multiplayer. In Survival, the players are thrown into the hostile world of robot planet and have to survive by exploring the procedurally generated open areas, collecting resources, building constructions, and fighting said robots. In Challenge mode, the player is tasked with completing a series o Master Mechanics Trials, testing their creativity and skill, as well as creating their own challenges for other players to complete. Creative Mode is a typical sandbox experience where the player has unlimited access to hundreds of parts and resources and can build whatever they want. Players can also design their own parts and share them with others. Reception Scrap Mechanic received mostly positive reviews from the players. The game was praised for its creative potential, with hundreds of parts available to the player and a variety of gameplay modes where they could test their skills and unleash their imagination. Another feature praised by the reviewers were the colorful graphics of the game. Key features Open world sandbox experience. A multiplayer construction game. Hundreds of usable parts divided into clear categories. Three modes of gameplay. Excellent, colorful graphics.
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