Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual! (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual! (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Sam is a dog with a hat. Max is a hyperkinetic naked rabbity thing. Together, they’re the Freelance Police, the intergalactically famous agents of indiscriminately applied justice, now starring in their umpteenth video game, Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! Even multimedia evil-slappers like Sam & Max could use a hand, and this time they’re using the incomprehensible magic of virtual reality to invite the player into their off-kilter world for a furious day of monster-slaying, obstacle courses, responsibly discharged firearms, and, of course, saving the entire freaking world.Key featuresExperience the two-fisted japes and tomfoolery of internationally beloved icons Sam & Max in mind-melting virtual reality!Push yourself to be the best of the best of the middling, as a dog and a naked rabbity thing harangue and cajole you through a bewildering assortment of Freelance Police Academy training challenges.Discover the horrible and socially relevant secrets lurking behind, under, and within Cap’n Aquabear’s rotting theme park!Give evil scientists and demonic trespassers their just desserts… with sprinkles!Immersion so real you can feel Sam’s breath on your neck!
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