Roguebook | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Roguebook | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Roguebook is a roguelike deckbuilding game with RPG elements, created by Abrakam and released in 2021 by Nacon. An adventure set in the Faeria lore will take you on a fantastic journey through a world full of strange creatures and exotic locations. Choose two heroes, fight, build a deck and become a part of the indie game made in collaboration with Richard Garfield, author of the iconic Magic: The Gathering. Story Take part in the greatest story, where the legendary Roguebook will bless you with the wisdom of gods. Watch out because the Book has its own mind and will not fail to put some dangerous tasks and battles on your way. By completing the challenges, you shall win the game! Roguebook Gameplay Try yourself in one of the most epic building deck games! The video game begins by selecting legendary heroes who will go on a journey through this extraordinary world. You have two characters in control that will work together to continue the adventure. Each of them owns unique skills, combinations of which you will use to achieve the best results. The map, full of secrets, is made of hexagon tiles, mostly covered. To reveal new areas, you need to complete tasks, take part in fights, discover locations, and use magic ink. While exploring the wonderful land, you will come across new fantastic challenges and meet many bizarre creatures. You will also see merchants, who will sell you some items, and you will discover vaults of wisdom, from which you will be able to draft cards for gold. At the very beginning, fights will not be too hard, to get you to know the mechanics of combat. By leveling up, you will encounter stronger enemies, but you will be more powerful yourself as well. Explore the world, collect cards and discover powerful relics. Use new skills during combat - strike, defend and move your heroes to the front or back. Discover all the secrets of the magical world, collect as many cards as possible, and plan your attacks in the enthralling realm of the Roguebook game! Key features Choose two heroes and create combinations of perfect attacks Finish the challenge and discover new locations on the map Fight strange creatures and meet original inhabitants of the land Collect all cards and gather powerful relics Use your strategic talents to win in combat Become powerful and defeat the final boss
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