Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage Rex (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage Rex (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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When the aliens arrived, they didn’t come in peace. The invasion was immediate and so overwhelming that humans didn’t stand a chance. One thing it wasn’t though, was quiet… A terrible rumble from upstairs woke Rex up from her slumber. For millennia she was hibernating in her Cozy Cave but the incessant crescendo of the alien invasion was too much to sleep through. It was time for Rex to go upstairs and give her new neighbors a piece of his mind!ROARR!’s fast and dynamic gameplay is a modern tribute to the good old brawler games we all enjoyed (or heard about from the older brother!) on classic Nintendo platforms. With a load of terrifying bosses, twenty five types of enemies and six completely different Isles to explore, ROARR! is a brawler heaven (or hell!) for any gamer with appetite for destruction! Not to mention that it’s a perfect game for any wild gaming party up to four players on the coach!What is ROARR!:Vicious modern take on a classic brawler gameplayTongue-in-cheek story with serious gameplay that’s easy to pick upCountless combos, swarms of enemies, 6 towering bosses and one very angry dinosaur!6 different isles to explore from the ruins of human civilization to hazy jungle and frosty ArcticThe perfect party game with drop-in coop up to 4 playersA slick retro style with polygons as sharp as Rex’s teethPlenty of Rex variants, each with unique moves and animations. Become a Gentleman Rex than quickly change to Punk Dinosaur or even crazy Ballerina styleFully destructible environment that will let you unleash your jurassic power… Roarr!
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