Ringetsu: Complete (US Import)

Ringetsu: Complete (US Import)
Zavvi International
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Kitty Media returns to a classic hentai series with this collection of the RINGETSU duopoly!Ringetsu (2006) – Long ago, the Rindo family was cursed by a monster. Since then, all babies have been destined to be girls. To break the curse, a male must marry a member of the Higetsu family and bear the child upon the next red moon! As the curse befalls Naoto Rindo, he vows to end the curse and is determined to impregnate one of four Higetsus sisters! (3 Episodes/ 90 mins. total)Shin Ringetsu (2008) - Since the Rindo family curse was lifted, it has returned to haunt the family every third generation. Unfortunately, Naoto Rindo's fiancé, Suzune, has passed away in a tragic accident and now he must race to impregnate one of her other four sisters to end the curse once and for all. As the clock ticks away, it mysteriously seems possible that Suzune may still be alive!
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