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Set at the beginning of the zombie outbreak, the state of Nevermont is tormented by ruthless monsters, as well as food and weapon shortages, but it still welcomes those who don’t want to become one of them.Abandoned locations, scattered items, blood… oh no, brain-thirsty enemies are waiting for you in the heart of Nevermont, a beautiful town called Autumn. Once a quiet place, now it’s a battlefield.Wake up, grab the nearest lamp, find a fork (yeah, you read that right), use duct tape, and create a Kitchen shocker, a deadly weapon for fending off both monsters and people.A set of different modes gives you the chance to play not only against zombies, but also against real players around the world or your friends on various maps. You are also free to choose your combat style and customize your character.Key featuresEndless CRAFTING possibilities - Choose between over 500 items to scrap together with duct tape and create your perfect weapon.Traps & barricades - Protect houses from zombies by barricading windows and setting up different traps.Physics based multiplayer - Experience the full immersion with physics based mechanics.Nowhere is safe!! - The beautiful state of Nevermont opens its arms and invites you into a state of horror. Visit 4 different locations: an abandoned gas station, a creepy farm, a not-so-cozy hut in the middle of the forest, and an underground bunker! The whole town is yours. But you have to fight for it.Game ModesStory Mode - There might still be the slightest shriveled chance that you can save it and find a cure. Can you?PVP - Imagine being alone in the zombie apocalypse. Sounds like a nightmare. Imagine fighting not monsters, but people. Are you sure you want to do this? Okay, then choose this mode!Horde Mode - Fight zombie waves while trying to survive for as long as possible.
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