Project VR Wild Hunt Steam Key GLOBAL

Project VR Wild Hunt Steam Key GLOBAL
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Welcome to the Wild Hunt Project VR - this is a 100% transfer of the hunting process in VR, with a huge variety of wildlife and a rich arsenal of hunting weapons.It is time to plunge into the world of wild and unspoiled nature, to meet with its inhabitants: deer, bears, tigers and even elephants.In the game, a separate role is played by the realism of the surrounding landscapes, made with maximum attention to detail.Before you open all sorts of locations, for fans of classical hunting - a dense deciduous forest with all sorts of horned inhabitants, all fans of hunting in the wilderness - a swampy area with impassable shrubs with a main trophy - a bear, safari fans - a separate location for elephant safaris and all kinds of cats, for safaris, bear, and safaris for fans - separate locations for elephant safaris and all kinds of cats, for safari.With this game you will acquire the skills of hunting for various animals, as in real life. Be extremely careful when hunting for ferocious bears and wild elephants!Main Features [/ h2]The unique behavior of animals is inherent in the wild.A huge open world, with a huge selection of landscapes.Adopt various rifles and ammunition for every taste.Simulator hunting a new generation: weather conditions, wind rain affecting the ballistic shooting accuracy.Explore individual animals, their habits, movements in the wild.Feel the full immersion and awaken the hunting instincts.[/ list]
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