Pro Cycling Manager 2020 (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Pro Cycling Manager 2020 is a sports simulator in which the player takes on the role of a manager of a professional cycling team. The title was created by Cyanide Studio and released in 2020 by Nacon. The gameplay provides real sports emotions that perfectly reflect the working conditions of a real team taking part in the Tour de France race.Pro Cycling Manager 2020 GameplayThe simulator reveals the details of the work of professional cyclists taking part in the most famous races in the world. In Pro Cycling Manager 2020, over 230 races and 650 stages of the biggest cycling events await you, including the most famous Tour de France. The goal of the game is to achieve the best possible results for the team, not only on the podium but also in terms of mutual successful cooperation.The game requires the player to maintain some planning and decision-making skills. During the gameplay, many random incidents appear that can disrupt the seemingly smooth flow of matters. As a manager, you will have a lot on your mind. Your most important task will be to take care of the cyclists' well-being, health, and motivation. At the same time, you will have to take care of the team's finances, regular training, recruiting new riders, and planning strategy for the upcoming races. Your team will not make this task easier by sending you some personal requests related to their professional or private dilemmas, which you will have to solve.The game provides both single and multiplayer modes. In the first one, you can expect an extensive campaign in which everything depends on your decisions. You can also develop your own cycling career in Pro Cyclist mode. However, if you choose multiplayer, you will face a fierce cycling competition with 15 other players from around the world.ReceptionPro Cycling Manager 2020 is constantly receiving positive ratings on Steam. Players appreciate the choice between playing as a team manager and racing on their own bikes. The developed artificial intelligence also raises a lot of emotions, introducing elements of surprise to the game. The game offers a complete cycling experience for every avid cycling fan.Key featuresPlay the simulator that evokes the real sports emotionsBecome a manager and lead your team to the topPlay as a rider and build your own cycling careerTake part in prestigious cycling races known all over the worldTry the multiplayer mode and compete with 15 other players
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