Pro Cycling Manager 2016 Steam Gift GLOBAL

Pro Cycling Manager 2016 Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Your decisions will shape the greatest victories Become the sports manager of a professional cycling team and take part in a great 2016 season packed with new features that will let you travel the world in over 200 cycling events (550 stages) including the famous Tour de France 2016 and La Vuelta. As the manager, it's up to you to coordinate every aspect of a team's life: recruiting, negotiating contracts with cyclists and sponsors, managing staff, training and handling the race calendar… your role will also be critical during the races themselves since you will need to make real time key decisions during the different stages. Play solo or challenge managers from all over the world in an entirely redesigned online multiplayer mode.Key featuresOverhaul of the multiplayer mode for an ultra complete experience: creation of events, specific rules, leaderboards, cooperative mode… Richer Pro Cyclist Mode with more developed relationships and interactions between you, your manager and your teammates. Improved Career mode with a new objective system for a greater challenge. More realistic thanks to graphic improvements, a new interface, a more advanced AI that takes into greater consideration cyclists' abilities, weariness and behaviors during breakaways. Share the content created by the players community using Steam Workshop (races, jerseys, database…)
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