Power Rangers Pterodactyl Mug

Power Rangers Pterodactyl Mug
Zavvi International
sku: 27133896471
€ 11.99
Zavvi - The Home of Pop CulturePterodactyl - The Pink Ranger's Zord. Fires electrical blasts in flight and forms chest armour for the Megazord. .This exceptional Power Rangers Pterodactyl Mug is a special design, unique to our site. Built to the highest of standards, this unique design will add something extra to your existing collection with a bold print on a stylish mug.Each and every one of our mugs make thoughtful presents for a range of hot drinks. Along with a quality design, our products are sure to make the lucky recipient look forward to their next beverage. High-Quality CeramicSuitable for MicrowaveSafe For Dishwasher UseHolds 315mlProduced in the UK
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