Potato Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Potato Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Fun and challenging minigames are waiting for you and your friends. Play and compete to destroy your friends in this unique collection of minigames. This game is a "Multiplayer Party Game". You can play local and online multiplayer. Against 3 of your friends! And offline against Bots.Features:Gameplay Mechanics: Unique gameplay mechanics in each arena ranging from football to dogfighting in air.Co-op & Online Competitions: Dive into a series of challenges and uniquely created parkours with 3 of other potatoes online. Compete in leaderboards!Challenge your friends, Earn higher points. Became the best in the world.Competitive & Cooperative: Mostly you will find yourself alone among other players; however there will be a map that you should work with your teammate to win! Also don't forget the old saying: "Enemy of my enemy is my friend!"Customizable Character: Isn't playing with same outfit again and again boring? You will be able to change your clothes and exhibit your sense of fashion to other players!
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