Police Tactics: Imperio Steam Key GLOBAL

Police Tactics: Imperio Steam Key GLOBAL
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16 years ago, the city of Newport Falls belonged to the criminal organization IMPERIO. The members of this group spread fear and terror and held the once picturesque Newport Falls in a stranglehold of organized crime. For a long time, the police had nothing to oppose this power and IMPERIO was free to do as it pleased. Until one day a wily police officer, John Croft, appeared on the scene. Together with his taskforce, he was able to put a stop to this syndicate's deeds bit by bit. But just before he could arrest the leader, he and his organization disappeared without trace. John Croft, the hero and father of a young boy was found dead a short time later. There were two bullets in his chest. But the case was never solved. IMPERIO disappeared and the city blossomed and developed magnificently. 16 years later, there is no longer any sign of what had happened. IMPERIO has returned and flooded the urban area with its criminal activities. The unthinkable happens when the mayor puts on a large banquet to present his future strategy against organized crime, which has been on the rise for months. During the presentation, a shady man draws a weapon and shoots at the mayor. Bullets fly; glass shatters and panic breaks out everywhere. At first, all that can be seen is the mayor lying on the ground. Next to him, police chief Michael Reese, riddled with bullets. He saved the mayor's life and paid with his own. The killer has escaped unidentified. Key features:Uphold law and order in your city Newport Falls Fight organized crime Coordinate a range of different police units Gradually unlock precincts, enhancements and new units Manage and improve your headquarters and forces Realistic emergency vehicles, either U.S. or German police units Dynamic day and night cycles With realistic police radio and sirens
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