Platinium HydroStar 40:90 series

Platinium HydroStar 40:90 series
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This fully modular system enables you to grow each of your plants in a separate pot. Each system features easy access to the tank including a detachable lid and a graduated inlet making it possible to quickly view the nutrient solution level.Your nutrient solution is pumped up from the tank beneath the tray and transported through the drippers, recirculating back into the tank, enabling your plants to feed easily. Any substrate can be used in this system but we do recommend clay pebbles. Using other substrates will require timing your pump to feed as and when your plants require.Hydro-Star allows more versatility and upgrade options. Rock wool buckets can still be used, but the included pots can be used to grow hydroponically or easily upgraded to aeroponics.It comes fully equipped with 6 pots (6L each), and The tank contains up to 25-30L. These user-friendly features give Platinium HydroStar the advantage of operating in a wide range of environments. On very hot days it can function with the clay pellets which protect the roots.The Platinum Hydroponics line is entirely made ​​of plastic (ABS), 90% recycled thereby achieving a greener manufacturing for the world to avoid the risk of cross contamination and facilitate system maintenance.
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