Planet Zoo (Deluxe Edition) - Steam - Key RU/CIS

Planet Zoo (Deluxe Edition) - Steam - Key RU/CIS
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Planet Zoo is a realistic economic strategy game from the developers responsible for award-winning gems such as Zoo Tycoon and Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments. In Planet Zoo, a player will have the opportunity to create and manage their own zoo, designing complex ecosystems for a huge variety of animals from different corners of the world. The game stands out with its careful attention to details making gameplay amazing experience for every animal lover.Planet Zoo and its wild mechanics!As the name may suggest, in Plant Zoo our main job is to successfully manage the zoo. Players will be responsible for every aspect of the zoo’s development and most importantly for making every inhabitant happy. Animals are of course the most essential element of the game. The developers did their best to make every single specimen as realistic as possible. Each animal has its own needs, described with a set of detailed statistics, and even its unique character. Planet Zoo offers a differentiated number of wildlife – lions, elephants, hippos, wolves or giraffes are just a few examples of creatures that players will have a chance to see in the game. Every one of them thinks, feel and behaves like their real-life equivalents. In addition to that, Planet Zoo does not lack features like genetics, breeding, and a system of different weather conditions.Key features:Unlimited creativity – make your zoo unique thanks to a variety of tools allowing to shape your park however you want. The only limitation is your own imagination!Your management really matters – every single decision you undertake can make a difference!Wild simulation – meet the wildlife up close, create detailed habitats and make your animals fell like home!
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platform: Steam
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