Pirate Hell Steam Gift GLOBAL

Pirate Hell Steam Gift GLOBAL
Video Games
sku: 126561
612.81 руб.
Shipping from: China
Arrr maytees, Do ye like the comfort of home? Quiet evenings and no adventure at all? Then away wit' ye. Everyone else: Welcome to Pirate Hell. Take command of a sturdy vessel and fight your way to honor, loot and glory in this little frantic arcade shooter. Power up your ship and fight hoards of enemies while helping an old captain to take revenge on his mutinous crew. While ye be following your quest ye be exploring a large world, make port to sell the rubbish and buy precious equipment to gain the strength battlening even the mightiest bosses. With a sharp eye me be sure ye be finding secrets of high value. Did I say comfort of home? Travel to your island and build your crew a cozy village (wit' some nifty and advantageous side effects). So what ye be waiting? Take the helm and welcome to Pirate Hell.
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