Phantasmal Steam Key GLOBAL

Phantasmal Steam Key GLOBAL
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Experience Terror that is Never the Same Twice with Phantasmal: City of Darkness, a procedurally generated survival horror game where every playthrough is completely different. You will need to face off against lurking, otherworldy horrors as well as a totally unpredictable procedurally generated environment. You simply cannot rely on your previous experience to guarantee safe passage. Venture through the perilous Kowloon Walled City before it’s destruction in the early 90s. You are fragile. Not just physically, but mentally as well - the creatures will challenge your very sanity. The odds are stacked steeply against you, but you can prevail through sheer cunning. You will need to scavenge for resources carefully, sneak past and distract your enemies. If you are caught, you can fight back, but don’t expect to live for very long. The environment has been carefully crafted by none other than Brian Bell, critically acclaimed lighting director of several Hollywood movies, including Riddick, Life of Pi, The Ring 2, and many others.
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product_id: 24284
productid: 24284
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