Partisans 1941 (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS

Partisans 1941 (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS
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Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactic indie game developed by Alter Games. In the game, players will lead a group of the Red Army partisans, fighting with the Nazis during World War 2. It is worth mentioning that the Germans possess significantly better equipment and have a huge advantage over the partisans. That is also why players must use their wits and tactical thinking to survive encounters. Partisans 1941 game features nice, well-designed three-dimensional graphics, which accurately portrays the grim times of WWII. Story Background The action of the game takes place during the World War II period, on the eastern front. The player's role, as the leader of the partisans, is to fight against German soldiers. The whole story plays out through a couple of months during which players will have to complete various difficult missions, and make a few hard decisions. What is interesting, the story presented in the game was based on the memories of people who lived through those difficult times. Gameplay Mechanics The gameplay of Partisans 1941 brings to mind productions like the legendary Commando series - instead of charging the enemy, players must undertake a much more tactical, often stealthy approach. Bad decisions and reckless actions will most likely end up with the death of our squad. In order to fulfill challenging missions, players will have to use every possible advantage, like the terrain, avoiding enemy patrols, or using the elements of surprise. Additionally, from time to time players will have to make some difficult, moral choices. For example, whether to save the civilians and alert the enemy about your presence, or leave them to their fate and stay hidden. It is worth mentioning that during the gameplay season will change, influencing your missions. In addition to that, Partisans 1941 features some simple elements of a survival game, forcing players to look for essential supplies and manage them effectively. Reception Partisans received mostly positive feedback from both, players and gaming critics. According to Steam, over 86% of all users' reviews are positive. Most of the players praised the game for its challenging gameplay, and tactical elements reminding them the famous Commando series. Key Features Tactical, real-time strategy game. Lead your squad and fight with a challenging enemy. Use every possible advantage. Learn about guerilla warfare on the eastern front. Make difficult decisions - save others or save yourself.
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