Panzer Corps - Grand Campaign '45 West Steam Key GLOBAL

Panzer Corps - Grand Campaign '45 West Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Western Front 1945 Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the once mighty German Wehrmacht faces ultimate defeat on the eve of 1945. Little do the Allies suspect that deep underground in secret bunkers, German scientists and engineers have built an arsenal of wonder weapons to turn the tide of the war! Armed with the last Wehrmacht reserves and these new weapons, Germany launches Operation Wacht am Rhein in a final attempt to end the war favorably. Will fate run its course with an inevitable German defeat, or can you lead your forces to victory in the Battle of the Bulge... and beyond! The DLC contains 5 new units including the V1, V2 and advanced jet aircraft such as the Gotha, 18 all-new scenarios that utilizes the new features implemented with the release of Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps as well as the latest content updates. Players can use their core forces that completed previous campaigns as it gains experience and new equipment, or alternatively use a preset core force and play each of the campaigns on its own or jump in at any year. Key featuresScenario list St. Vith Elsenborn Ridge La Gleize Houffalize Celles Bastogne Siege Bastogne Assault Nordwind Colmar Pocket Wesel Ruhr Pocket End on the Elbe Liege Antwerp Brussels Gates of Berlin Dunkirk45 Sealion45
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