PWM9B03 3-Channel PWM Pulse Signal Generator Module

PWM9B03 3-Channel PWM Pulse Signal Generator Module
sku: 1990402
Shipping from: China
Features 1 Working voltage DC 6 24V2 Working current DC 12 30MA3 3 independent buttons used to set frequency duty cycle working status etc Support long press short press simple operation and diverse functions 4 3 Channels PWM output PWM Signal can set frequency and duty cycle respectively 5 PWM signal level 5V TTL level6 PWM signal load capacity 20mA7 Output frequency accuracy 0 6 10 30 Degrees Celsius 8 Ultra high frequency range 20HZ 1MHZ duty cycle 0 100 9 Power off memory function power off at any time the last set data will be recorded and saved when power off and the data will be displayed when power is turned on again 10 Automatic exit function If there is no operation for 36 seconds the last set data will be automatically recorded and the dynamic setting state will be exited 11 Real time update function Under the dynamic setting function you can connect an oscilloscope to grasp the set frequency and duty cycle at any time and output the precise frequency or duty cycle 12 Restore production setting function in dynamic setting mode press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time to restore the production setting after pressing you need to power off and power on again the data will be updated to the default data 13 kinds of application scenarios The module has a variety of control methods and working modes and three output channels which can meet the requirements of different environments 14 Dimensions 49 x 38 x 13mm15 Wei
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