PM9901 ACVoltage Current Power Factor & Power Meter 600V 20A/40A Tester

PM9901 ACVoltage Current Power Factor & Power Meter 600V 20A/40A Tester
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Features: Four windows display: voltage, current, power, power factor/frequency Voltage: 3V~600V AC Current: 5mA~20A (0.4% reading + 0.1% range + 1 word) Upper and lower limit determination function: with current, power, power factor upper and lower limit setting, discrimination and alarm function (delayed alarm) Latch function: when data fluctuates, it is easy to read Communication Interface: Select RS232 or 485, Relay Output Function (Selection) AC: 45Hz ~ 65Hz, bandwidth: 5kHz Specification: Measuring project V voltage, current, power factor, active power W A PF, Hz frequency Measuring form True RMS Trms Voltage range 3 v ~ 600 v AC (range switch) Minimum test voltage 3 v AC Current range 5m ~A20A/10mA ~40A(range switch) Power factor range 0.001 to 1.000 Calculation: watt (W) present [voltage (V) by current (A)] = power factor (PF) Upper and lower decision function Have a lower limit on current, power set, discrimination and alarm function, very suitable for measurement of production line. Latch function The use of data fluctuation, easy reading Communication interface Equipped with RS232 or 485, relay output functions The frequency range AC: 45 hz ~ 65 hz, bandwidth: 5 KHZ Basic precision Plus or minus 0.4% (0.4% + reading range + 1 word) Measurement speed 5 times/SEC. The input impedance About 2 m (all voltage) The power supply 220V/50Hz Size and weight Instrument size: 282 mm * 215 mm * 215 mm weight: 2kg material The attachment The power cord, instruction Package Includes: 1 x Digital power meter Details Pictures:
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