Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass Steam Key RU/CIS

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass Steam Key RU/CIS
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Satisfy your hunger for Overcooked! 2’s chaotic cooking action with the Season Pass.The Season pass will deliver three extra portions of content, featuring more meals, more mechanics and more mayhem!First Course (Out Now): Campfire Cook OffGather round the campfire for S’More Overcooked 2!It’s time for some camping capers as you take a trek through the forests of the Onion Kingdom. Joining Kevin and the Onion King are four new chefs that are right at home in the woodland kitchens; Explorer Chef, Bear Chef, Beaver Chef and the bespectacled Owl Chef.Second Course (Out Now) : Night of the Hangry HordeOvercooked! 2: Night of the Hangry Horde sees players face the most terrifying threat to the Onion Kingdom yet, the unbread, and this time they’ve brought friends! This DLC introduces an entirely new horde mode in which players must use all of their cooking know how to repel waves of ravenous undead ingredients.Eight horde mode levels see players face up against waves of undead enemy attackers including the unbread, giant zombie apples and swift zombie chili peppers. Plus 12 new levels! Nine new kitchens and three hidden Kevin levels.Four new chefs! Vampire chef, Ghost chef, Werewolf chef and returning favourite Boxhead chef from Overcooked!New mechanics! The guillotine is an efficient new way to chop ingredients and the furnace must be fueled with coal in order to roast your dinnersThree recipes! Fruit pies, soup and roast dinners.Third Course: To Be RevealedHope you saved room for an extra helping!
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