Outrageous Grounds: The Maze VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Outrageous Grounds: The Maze VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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Outrageous Grounds: The Maze is an original virtual reality action adventure. You will explore the depths of The Maze, battle your way through enemies, unravel mysteries, solve puzzles and to experience something new in VR gaming. Our aim is to give the explosively growing VR user base meaningful content with captivating visuals, gameplay and interactions. Key features:Locomotion. With our locomotion the player is free to roam the play area and not be restricted to roomscale. Our arm-swing movement reduces chances of simulator sickness while increasing immersion and allowing for precise gameplay.Environment Interaction. The great majority of in-game objects are dynamic, simulating real world object behaviour. Tons of dynamic objects combined with our destruction system creates extremely satisfactory and fun experience.Attention to immersiveness in 3d and sound designThe graphical quality achieved through the usage of Unity 5.4 and The Lab Renderer is something to behold.
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