Otaku's Adventure Steam Key GLOBAL

Otaku's Adventure Steam Key GLOBAL
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The story tells of an Otaku who has been single for many years and thirst for love. While he inadvertently embarks on a fantastic journey, he eventually wins girls' love. The game combines storytelling with alternative TAKAGISM, and includes a variety of mini-games, as well as different types of battles, which brings players different experience and fun in compare to previous games.Game FeaturesSimple operation: easy to use, just click, drag and drop with the mouse.Different types of stories: Every girl has their own thrilling stories, so that players can enjoy endless.Mysterious TAKAGISM: It is like TAKAGISM, but it is not like the traditional TAKAGISM. This game is filled with puzzles.A collection of mini-games: different types of mini-games are interspersed in the game.Multiple game endings: There are many unexpected and interesting endings that can be collected during the game.
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