One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition Steam PC Key GLOBAL

One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition Steam PC Key GLOBAL
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Become a Pirate King and dive into a hilarious, addictive adventure!One Piece Unlimited World Red features amazing, cel-shaded graphics with beautiful, rich, and very vibrant colors. The game delights with absolutely amazing visuals and original voice cast from the One Piece anime. If you are a purist, you are definitely going to love that game!The real show experienceOne Piece Unlimited World Red gameplay is composed of multiple chapters. Play through different episodes of the show reconstructed in the game. Every chapter/episode of the show lasts about an hour and ends with “to be continued”, very authentic to the original show. Prepare yourself for long hours of gameplay filled with breath-taking action with light RPG elements. Buy food or cook tasty meals at the restaurant. Catch bugs and collect plants as you’re completing the levels, and feed your characters to increase their HP.Different levels & bossesIn each episode of the game, you will go through varied levels. Each level is very different as far as style goes and enemies you fight, so you’ll have to be flexible all the time. At the end of each level, you’re going to fight a powerful boss so get ready for loads of thrills, and prepare special items which can help you during a battle.9 playable characters to choose fromSingle-player story mode allows you to play as your favourite One Piece characters like Sanji or Robin. Decide what character suits you the most and throw yourself into the adventure. During your gameplay, you can have up to three characters at the same time, and what’s great about it is that you can swap between them on the fly. Each character is unique, has their own special abilities and plays in a vastly different way from one other. You will definitely find somebody that will fit your playstyle.Explore pleasant mini gamesOne Piece Unlimited World Red also features captivating, relaxing, and funny mini games. Catch colourful bugs, go fishing between enemy fights, and enjoy little moments of hilarious distraction. Get extra rewards after completing numerous side quests, collecting items, and helping people in towns.Coliseum modeDiscover the mix between a horde mode and one-on-one duels. Defeat tons of enemies on a huge battle arena, or try yourself in a one-on-one duel where you can’t choose your character and you have to deal with your opponent using just the skills made available to you.Co-op experiencePlay with your friends instead of AI, and enjoy having real help from your crew members. Spend time together with your friends, fighting mighty enemies and bosses.Deluxe editionOne Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe edition features tons of DLC content. Over 50 DLC extras are at your disposal with this Deluxe edition. Extend your adventure and have tons of fun with completely new, exclusive stuff.Key featuresAction adventure game set in the beautiful world of One Piece manga and animeStory divided into episodes9 unique characters to choose from, each one possessing unique abilitiesOriginal One Piece voice actingDeluxe edition contains over 50 DLC contentInteresting story modeCooperation modeColiseum arena with one-on-one duelsStunning graphics with beautiful, vibrant colorsVarious mini-games and side quests
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