OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Deluxe Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Deluxe Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Deluxe Edition of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is for all true survivors and fighters in the desolate city of Washington D.C. It’s dangerous out there, so make sure you load your backpack with all the extra gear you can get, before you venture out onto the streets of Washington D.C.The Deluxe Edition Includes: Season 1 - 10 Episodes, Available November 6th Season 2 9 Episodes, Releasing between Late November to June 2019 Night Raid Collection - Skin Pack, Flare Gun Skin, Knife Skin, Flash Skin Digital Art Book Digital Sound TrackStory and gameplayThe action of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. The city, like many others across the globe, has been ravaged when a sudden outbreak caused the dead to come to life. The story of the game is told in 10 segments – here called “episodes”.It begins when Anderson Banks, a survivor who lost his family, wanders around the capital of the United States in hopes of being killed by the walkers – the game’s term for a zombie.Instead, he meets Heather Campbell, another survivor, with whom he bonds. Together, they form a camp, bringing in survivors from around the area, and scavenging for provisions. Soon the inhabitants of Camp Anderson find out that the walkers are not the only threats that await them out there, when they clash with The Family and The Brigade – two other survivor groups.The gameplay of OVERKILL’s TWD combines FPS action and multiplayer mechanics based on cooperation. The players can choose from four playable characters, each of whom possesses a separate skill tree. Characters are divided into four categories: scout, tactician, support and tank. Each of these categories has their specific uses: support character serves as team medic, while a tank is perfect for situations requiring the use of a significant amount of force. Each of the characters is equipped with primary, secondary and melee weapon, which are specific for a given category.Characters in the game Heather Campbell (Scout) – before the outbreak, she was a kindergarten teacher. Heather has a strong moral core, but in the post-apocalyptic world, the line between right and wrong seems to be blurred. She tries to see the best in people she meets but is aware that sometimes it’s best to stop looking and start fighting. Her weapons of choice are a crossbow, silenced pistol and a pickaxe. Grant Moore (Tactician) – hunter turned survivor, who employs years of experience as a tour guide in the wilderness to take on a new kind of game – the walking dead. He uses staff, revolver and a silenced rifle. Maya Evans (Support) – in the pre-outbreak world she used to be a surgeon, saving lives was her day-to-day duty. Now she uses her skills, helping the group as a medic. Maya is equally capable of taking life, which she does with silenced SMG, revolver and a machete. Aidan Hunt (Tank) – Aidan’s short fuse was something he always tried to keep in check. Now, he doesn’t need to hold himself back any longer. When it comes to brute strength, the group can count on him and his baseball bat, shotgun and a silenced pistol.
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