No More Rainbows (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

No More Rainbows (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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YOU ARE THE BEAST! Rampage through colorful worlds to reclaim your desecrated Underworld. Extend your experience in Deathmatch Mode or platform your way to victory in Chicken Catch - It's a no-holds-barred showdown!No More Rainbows brings the fun of a classic platformer to VR. Use the intuitive locomotion mechanics to run, jump, and climb using only your hands.As the Warden of the Underworld, you’ve been awoken from your eternal slumber by the sound of horribly joyful melodies piercing the warm darkness. The ashen air now reeks of tulip perfume. The once burning magma floor tiles now feel lush and fresh under your claws. Beings of infinite happiness have infested the Underworld! Bizou and their merry band of minions plan to take over your sanctuary of screams and turn it into a bountiful paradise where cries of pain and torment are replaced by kisses and rainbows...what a nightmare!Features:NEW! Explore Molten Shores: Explore the Molten Shores, a world brimming with platforming challenges and breathtaking landscapes. Venture through perilous volcanic terrain and pristine beach fronts as you embark on a quest like never before!Run Across Several Unique Worlds: A complete single player campaign with 5 unique worlds and 30+ levels full of mini-games and secrets to uncover.Jump Into a Secret-Filled Setting: Discover lore through environmental storytelling and unforgettable boss encounters against your nemesis.Extend Your Experience Online: Play our official Deathmatch mode or platform your way to victory in Chicken Catch. Experience the brutality across 17 thrilling maps! Gather accolades and collect cosmetics to stand out from the crowd. Climb the Speedrun Ranks: Become the world's best speed demon through local and worldwide leaderboards for each level.
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