Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered (PC) - Origin Key - GLOBAL (ENG ONLY)

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered (PC) - Origin Key - GLOBAL (ENG ONLY)
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Are you looking for adrenaline and acceleration? You've come to the right place! You can find all of this - and much more - in the latest Need for Speed ​​™ Hot Pursuit Remastered! Gameplay Race with friends, no matter what console or PC you own! Thanks to the cross-play function, in this video game you can compete with players on S4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The groundbreaking Autolog feature allows you to find friends and poses new challenges based on monitored competitor activity, making every race an unforgettable adventure. Feel like a real racing driver with nothing to lose. Carry out tough road maneuvers to achieve results others can only dream of. Remember that sometimes speed and acceleration are not enough - perfect your driving technique to be able to cope with all conditions. Play alone or with friends to see who finishes the frantic race first. But NFS hot pursuit is not only about extremely exciting gameplay with friends. They are also equally satisfying single modes, in which we can play the career of a policeman, chasing road pirates or a racing driver, winning more trophies. With each achievement, rewards await us in the form of new cars or weapons. Whether you are racing or being pursued - achieve success in all characters and prove who is the one and only master of the steering wheel! This game is full of interesting, unusual solutions, such as exotic cars with weapons. Another challenge, even for an experienced driver, will be to tame new machines with such original improvements as turbocharging, tactical weapons, and many more. You can adopt several styles of solving a conflict on the road, from aggressive to special counterattacks and defensive maneuvers. It's up to you, but be careful - mistakes can cost you dearly. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is packed with additional content that you can unlock. In total, it will be over 6 hours of gameplay and over 30 challenges available immediately. Not bad, right? But it is not everything. The creators have prepared hundreds of other updates and flavors for us, such as new paints or achievements to get, as well as many others. The new quality of race games The refreshed version provides us with a brilliant graphic experience. The use of a number of modern computer techniques - SSAO anti-aliasing - increasing the number of textures and careful attention to details make the game look great. The refreshed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit lets us feel what a real timeless racing game means! The game does not allow us even a moment of respite - and this is to be expected from it. Great gameplay for many hours, which reliably draws us in, regardless of whether we have just decided to keep the law or take part in races that are not always completely legal. Each mode has something to offer that will bind us to the monitor and will not let us go easily. It is worth noting that Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered is Criterion Games' debut in the Need for Speed ​​series - a very successful debut, both according to players and critics. So get in, fasten your seat belts - and step on it! Key features A lot of fun cross-play system and autolog. Possibility to stand on different sides of the barricade. Lots of legendary cars to drive. Stunningly beautiful and polished graphics, giving unlimited entertainment. Attractive extra content!
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