Natural Mini Damaged Control Shampoo (25 ml)

Natural Mini Damaged Control Shampoo (25 ml)
The Moms Co.
sku: TMCNDCS25
Shipping from: India
Keratin Natural Keratin, present in our shampoo, improves hair strength, reduces breakage and repairs the damage caused by heat, chemical, and environmental factors. Moroccan Argan Oil Natural Moroccan Argan Oil nourishes dry hair while at the same time, it restores the natural softness, shine and silkiness in your hair. It helps improve the combability of your hair, preventing hair breakage and hair loss. Moringa Oil Moringa Oil nourishes and moisturises the hair. It helps improve the strength of hair and prevents split ends. It also offers protection against the effects of pollution. Coconut-based cleansers Coconut-based cleansers gently clean with low lather and are mild on your hair.
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