Natural Ceramide Face Toner (100ml)

Natural Ceramide Face Toner (100ml)
The Moms Co.
sku: TMCSMCFT103
Shipping from: India
Our Natural Ceramide Face Toner replenishes the skin with lost Ceramide and gives a boost of hydration to the skin. It tightens skin pores to avoid moisture loss while working on rebuilding skin’s protective barrier that depletes due to environmental factors. The depleting skin barrier results in dry, itchy skin prone to irritation and redness.Our Natural Ceramide Face Toner rebuilds damaged skin barrier & accelerates its repair. It retains moisture and blocks environmental damage. Enriched With Rice Water, 5 Plants AhAs and Chamomile Extract, it tightens pores, improves skin elasticity, repairs skin & soothes skin.Repairs Skin BarrierCeramide rebuilds skin barrier for healthy skin.Tightens Pore5 Plant AHAs gently exfoliate & tighten pores.Promotes Healthy SkinRice Water enhances skin elasticity.Soothes and HydratesCucumber Extract soothes and hydrates skin.
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