Natural Baby Soap (Pack of 2)

Natural Baby Soap (Pack of 2)
The Moms Co.
sku: NBBS_PK2
Shipping from: India
The Moms Co. Natural Baby Soap is a super gentle cleanser & a rich moisturizer all rolled into a bar. With a pH of 5.5, which is the same as the pH of a baby’s skin, this bar gently cleanses without disrupting the skin's pH balance. It is an expert blend of Oatmeal Extract that works effectively on all skin types, including eczema prone skin; Shea & Kokum Butters & Calendula Oil. Gentle Coconut Based Cleansers clean your baby’s skin without drying and the added moisturizers- Shea & Kokum Butters leave your baby's skin soft & nourished The added Oatmeal extract & calendula oil soothe even the driest skin of skin types, including eczema prone skin.Gentle cleansing Coconut based cleansers deeply clean the skin without over-drying it. Retains moisture Rich blend of Oatmeal Extract, Kokum & Shea Butters deeply moisturize the delicate skin. Soothes the skin Calendula Oil soothes the skin, relieves irritation & inflammation. pH Balanced 5.5 The bar helps maintain skin’s pH at 5.5 which is best suited for babies.
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