NITE Team 4 Steam Key GLOBAL

NITE Team 4 Steam Key GLOBAL
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Repentant Cyber Criminal, Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation Team 4 offers you a second chance. As a new “Cyber Tactical Operations” agent, you must prove yourself in the famous Section 8. No time to wonder why you have been chosen to join the top team of the agency, the danger is everywhere and you need to act fast before it is too late. From Technological havoc to Bio-terrorism, will you be able to stop the attacks and prevent a massive catastrophe?NT4 is the most realistic military hacking simulation to date. You are a Cyber Operation Specialist from a secret military organisation and you will use military like hacking tools to perform your duty. Through the first chapter of an immersive and realistic coop campaign, you will use an advanced hacking suite (the Stinger OS) to fight in a cyberwar against powerful enemies. In between the story assignments, sandbox “theaters” offer a variety of side missions in addition to the always available community “hive mind”.Get out of your comfort zone and reveal yourself as a true Cyber warrior!
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