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NARUTO TO BORUTO Shinobi Striker is a multiplayer online fighting game, with mechanics based on cooperation. The players will be able to choose from over twenty characters, including their customizable avatar, and take them into one of the game’s many modes.Shinobi Striker tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. He decides to organize a tournament in which both male and female ninja can compete to test their skills and find out which one of them is the strongest of all. The player takes control of their customized character, who participates in the tournament.Aside from the player avatar, the characters of the game include:Naruto Uzumaki (Attack type) – leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, host of the spirit of the Nine-Tailed FoxSasuke Uchiha (Range type) – Naruto’s former teammate, last survivor of the Uchiha clanSakura Haruno (Healing type) – Naruto’s teammate and Sasuke’s wife, capable fighter and healerKakashi Hatake (Attack type) – Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura’s mentor, user of Sharingan – a technique that allows him to copy others’ techniquesHinata Hyuga (Healing type) – member of the Hyuga clan and Naruto’s wife, her Byakugan technique allows her to see the flow of chakraRock Lee (Attack type) – one of the best fighters in the Hidden Leaf Village, in combat he relies on taijutsuShikamaru Nara (Healing type) – skilled team leader and tactician, he uses shadow-based techniques to trap enemiesChōji Akimichi (Defence type) – Shikamaru’s teammate, who applies his size and strengthGaara (Defence type) – leader of the Hidden Sand Village, he uses sand as both shield and weaponSai (Range type) – Naruto’s teammate, uses chakra to bring his art to life and attacks enemies with itYamato (Defence type) – temporary leader of Naruto’s team, master of Wood style ninjutsu,Pain (Attack type) – head of the terrorist group known as the Akatsuki, he plans to capture all Tailed Beasts hosts and use their chakra to control the worldKonan (Range type) – Pain’s right-hand woman, she uses paper as a weaponKabuto Yakushi (Heal type) – right-hand man of rogue ninja Orochimaru, skilled in a healerItachi Uchiha (Range type) – member of the Akatsuki and Sasuke’s older brother, responsible for the genocide of their entire clan, his Sharingan allows him to create inextinguishable black flamesKisame Hoshigaki (Defence type) – Itachi’s partner in the Akatsuki, his sword Samehada is able to steal chakra of his enemiesDeidara (Range type) – another member of the Akatsuki, uses clay bombs to assault enemies from afarBoruto Uzumaki (Attack type) – Naruto’s son, skilled in ninjutsu and taijutsuSarada Uchiha (Heal type) – Sasuke’s daughter, like her father she can use SharinganMitsuki (Defense type) – Orochimaru’s mysterious child, his arms stretch out entrapping enemiesGameplayShinobi Striker emphasizes cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Players are divided into teams of four, with up to eight characters appearing simultaneously on the screen. Characters are divided into four types. Attack types are best suited for close range combat, with decent speed and offensive strength.Defence type characters use strong attacks and defend their allies, they also use techniques to gain advantage upon their adversaries in different game modes. Ranged types are excellent at supporting their allies from a distance by firing projectiles at the enemy. Heal type of characters uses medical ninjutsu to heal players as well as their own special techniques.For the first time, players are able to create their own characters. Character customization includes sorting the character into one of four types, giving them a weapon to use or leaving them to fight empty handed, choosing their special attack called ninjutsu, as well as different hairstyles, costumes and accessories. The characters of the series serve as the player’s mentors, from whom they can learn new techniques.Game ModesIn Shinobi Striker, players compete in few different game modes, all of them are played in multiplayer. Combat mode is just a 4-on-4 battle, where players with most kills win.
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